We are a 25 member software development company based in Pune, India. We provide customized software solutions to clients in 11 different countries including India, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, UAE, Japan, Netherlands & Singapore.


We possess in depth technical expertise in providing Software Solutions to our Customers across many Verticals. From system design & feasibility to solution scaling & revenue optimization, we have been a Partner to over 400 organizations to make their Digital Strategy a Success.

Our Goals

  1. We want to be the preferred first choice Technology Solutions Provider to our global customer base.
  2. We want to deliver every project within our Customers’ time & budget constraints.
  3. We want to delight every Customer with our innovative & world class software solutions.

More Freedom, less software

With the huge amount of data that businesses face on a daily basis, it is imperative that they use Software to manage all aspects of their business.

The purpose of a good software is to make data acquisition painless & provide insightful reports quickly. The end result of a good software implementation is to enable users to accomplish their tasks while saving on massive amounts of time.

Off the shelf Software - In most cases, since this type of software is not Customized, users have to change their business processes to suit the software that they choose. Sometimes this results in users being stuck in what we call as - "Software Jailhouse".

Customized Software - On the other hand, with EC Infosolutions when we are deploying a software solution for your business, we emphasize on Customizing roles, workflows, processes & reports for you.

With our Customized Software approach, you can rely on us to achieve More Freedom, less software.

Innovation is Life

  • Are you seeing more competitors everyday?
  • Are you facing pricing pressures in your business?
  • Are you facing reduced demand in your industry?

With so many new technologies coming in everyday from SaaS to IoT, it is estimated that 90% of all businesses that exist today will be replaced by businesses with different revenue models.
So how do you compete & grow your business in today's day & age?
The one worded answer to this question is "Innovation"
At EC Infosolutions, we believe in disrupting existing business practices & in embracing Innovation as a part of our lives.
At EC Infosolutions we believe in bringing in the new, everyday.

9 years of experience

Founded in 2007, we are 9 years old. In this span our core team has grown organically from a team of 4 to 25 today. Unlike your next door software startup, we have bootstrapped from Day 1 & have been profitable from our first year. But the most important growth has been in our experience, our skill sets & our agility. We have realized that our existance is possible because of the significant value that we add to our Customers. We are proud to say that our long list of Customers validates our existance

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